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What is a high tea?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Not sure what a high tea is?

Well traditionally the working class would eat tea in the afternoons for in the 1800s dinner was eaten at midday. Eventually the phrase “High Tea” became the colloquial term as it refers to the high-backed chairs they would sit at.

Modern High Teas have changed from workers eating a hot meal and a slice of cake in the afternoon to ladies and gentlemen eating finger sandwiches, bite sized cakes and scones.

High Teas in Australia consists of a good mix of savory and sweet items. Finger sandwiches, bite sized pieces of slices and cakes, mini cupcakes, and scones. Always scones with jam and freshly whipped cream.

Do I have to drink tea?

If you are not a tea fan than you are in luck, modern high teas have expanded the barriers to accommodate. It’s common practice to serve coffee and other beverages now. At times champagne and cocktails have been added to spice up a high tea. It’s classier than a night club after all.

What is appropriate attire for a high tea?

Have you heard of the term Sunday Best? Referring to your cleanest and smartest clothes reserved for church? I would adapt it to Sunday Casual. All the same no goes but less ridged. So, leave the athleisure for afterwards. If you feel too dressed up to head to the shopping center than you are in the right attire.

3 things that make a great high tea - Advice from Aunt Jackie

1. Variety is key. With little tastes of both sweet & savory.

2. A great ambience and pretty décor add to the whole experience.

3. Lastly presentation is a must. A high tea is a visual journey not just taste.

As we know scones are always present in our café & at high teas. Our chef Trevor has shared his recipe that he uses to make delicious scones each week.

1kg self raising flour

1 soda can of lemonade

100 ml thickened cream

1 large kitchen spoon raw sugar (metal serving spoon)

Combine all ingredients. Be sure to not over mix.

For date scones – add 2 cups of freshly chopped dates

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