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Karalee Book Club Monthly Read reviewed by Claire Keliher

Acclaimed screenwriter and author, Debra Oswald, writer of many amazing Australian dramas such as Police Rescue and Offspring, brings us very up close and personal with a contemporary issue.

This story is told through an event in the life of the protagonist, Paula a Family Medicine GP, who witnessed the slaying of her best friend and children by a violent and disturbed husband. This event ends up leaving trauma in the hands, mind and heart of many along the way. The writer invites you into a world of ethical and moral dilemmas which are far beyond her control. "What to do when a mother and her child are suffering at the hands of yet another perpetrator?" This is a case of when the best people are forced to do the worst things.

The story is fast paced gripping and very believable. You constantly find yourself asking, "What would I do in this impossible situation?" The author is able to draw us into the world of female friendships, romantic attraction and loyalties, as you go on a heart stopping ride, all the while questioning your own values and beliefs. It is a thriller of a read try to stop yourself from turning those pages. I dare you!


There were mixed feelings from the Friday and Saturday groups regarding the ending of the book. General consensus was they left too many questions unanswered as to Paula's future. For some it was enough to know justice was served all round but others needed more punch to the ending. Overall a great, engaging, thrilling read full of twists and turns, keeping everyone on their toes during discussion time.

Review score 4 stars!

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