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Fantasy is the best book genre

Firstly, let's address the literary elephant in the room. Picking fantasy as the best book genre is purely subjective.

You can look through any genre and find an un-put-downable book. Fantasy has more of them.

So what makes fantasy books the best?

Memorable characters

Who could forget some of the literature’s greatest characters like Harry Potter, Daenerys Targaryen, Frodo Baggins, and Roland of Gilead are just some. All these characters are strong, dynamic, interesting, and most importantly relatable. Relatable characters help to draw me into the story and is one of the first things to get me hooked. No genre does it better than fantasy.

Escape.. Like real escape

What are the rules of fantasy? There are none. The fantasy genre offers an escape from the pressures of the real world. Fantasy books can also help us to make more sense of the world around us. They can help us recognise change, heartache, and negative behaviour through relatable characters and interesting (for the most part) storylines. The characters, storylines, and settings only limited the fantasy writer's imagination.

The sequels..and prequels

If you’ve ever read a good fantasy novel, there’s a good chance there’s a sequel. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Game of Thrones, Ranger's Apprentice, Eragon and Assassin’s Apprentice are some of the more well known series in the genre. If you have finished one of these books and are craving more, chances are you just have to open up the next in the series.

These are just some of the reasons I think fantasy novels are the best kind of novel out there.

Am I wrong? Let me know what your favourite genre is.

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